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Case Study:
Lume-1 Nanosatellite

Lume-1 is a 2-unit CubeSat type nanosatellite belonging to the University of Vigo, designed and manufactured by the Alén Space team. The satellite was launched on 27 December 2018, on a Russian Soyuz rocket.

Lume-1 is a key element of the European FireRS project, in which two other entities participate: the University of Porto (Portugal) and the LAAS in Toulouse (France). Its goal is the detection and monitoring of forest fires.

What will you find in this case study?

  • Summary
  • Challenge
  • Solution
  • Results: M2M, ADS-B, Signal Intelligente, APRS Digital Repeater and S-Band Communications
  • Heritage
  • Media impact

Lume-1 CubeSat - Case Study

* Cover & background photo: © Roscosmos / Real image of the launch of the Lume-1 nanosatellite on a Russian Soyuz rocket on 27 December 2018

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