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Brochure and DataSheet of TRISKEL: OBC + TTC + OBSW Solution

TRISKEL is an 3-in-1 solution for CubeSats
command and data handling and communications
that integrates the core of any platform, the On-board Computer (OBC), Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TTC) and On-board Software (OBSW) in one single module.

What will you find in the brochure?

  • Description
  • Features and characteristics
  • Integration and compatibility
  • OBC specifications
  • TTC specifications
  • OBSW core and additional services

What will you find in the datasheet?

  • Overview
  • Functional description: System Bus, OBC, TTC and OBSW 
  • Connectors
  • Data interface
  • General characteristics
  • Absolute maximum ratings
  • Physical characteristics
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